• What Type Of Payments Do You Accept?

    We accept most major credit cards, in addition to some digital payment methods. Payment methods currently available including, but not limited to: Visa MasterCard American Express Discover PayPal We are working on adding additional digital wallets such as: Apple Pay Google Pay Samsung Pay
  • Why Is My Payment Being Declined?

    As we are NASA, we are the target of a large amount of fraud. Due to that, we have very strict fraud prevention measures in place. Most payments are declined due to a mismatch of the billing address. If the information entered into our system doesn't match exactly what the card issuer has on fil...
  • My Payment Was Declined, But The Charge Appears On My Banking Website or App

    When placing an order and submitting payment information, our system pre-authorizes the order total. Regardless of if the transaction goes through or not, this authorization will show up on your institutions website or app. Please allow a few days for the data to completely sync as these pending ...
  • Do you sell gift certificates?

    We offer gift certificates for a wide variety of occasions. Any amount, up to $100 USD. You can purchase them at